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 第十四篇 Sex change surgery guidelines drafted
  China is set to 1 its first clinical guideline on .sex-change surgery, according to a notice put on the website of the Ministry of Health yesterday.
  The ministry is now soliciting public and professional opinions on the draft guideline. The coming guideline aims to regulate and standardize sex reassignment surgery, part of a treatment for gender identity disorder in transsexuals.
  Experts 2 nearly 2,000 Chinese have undergone sex-change surgery while 100,000 to 400,000 are still considering it. However, no official number is available. In the draft, the MOH sets 3 criteria for both surgical candidates and medical institutions.
  Candidates for the surgery must be older than 20 and single, the draft guideline said. They are also required to prove a persistent desire for a sex change, to live for at least five consecutive years full-time in the new gender role, and to engage 4 mental therapy for at least one year.
  Before surgery can take place, a candidate must receive a recommendation for the operation from a 5 after an appropriate series of therapy sessions.
  Also, several legal requirements 6 be met before the procedure.
  The candidate must provide proof from police that he or she has does not have any criminal offenses in the past.
  Police must also agree to change the sex status on the identity card of the 7 receiver before the operation can, take 8 .
  The advent of such a guideline 9 to show that the government is concerned _ 10 the needs of a relatively small 11 of people who want to change sex.
  But doctors also warn that all stakeholders, including the hospital and prospective receivers, should be highly cautious about this surgery.
  The operation is more than a medical procedure due 12 its huge social and legal consequences. Doctors should make it clear to those 13 sex-change surgeries that the option always remains to continue to live in the original role. The guideline requires surgeons to tell patients about other options 14 hormone therapy. They are also required to explain the risks involved, and underlying social barriers including discrimination, and administrative recognition and approval.
  For the candidates, the surgery itself is not the big issue 15 the long run. The real issue is the kind of life he or she will have to lead afterward.
  solicit v. 请求
  reassignment n. 再分配
  transsexual n. 变性者
  stakeholder n. 利益相关者
  1. A) issue B) provide C) withdraw D) bring about
  2. A) boast B) estimate C) blame D) offer
  3. A) maximum B) minimum C) less D) few
  4. A) in B) into C) on D) onto
  5. A) physicist B) chemist C) psychologist D) geologist
  6. A) can B) must C) may D) cannot
  7. A) respective B) prospect C) expecting D) prospective
  8. A) position B) location C) place D) scene
  9. A) believes B) is believed C) is believing D) believed
  10. A) about B) with C) around D) of
  11. A) numeral B) figure C) digit D) number
  12. A) in B) with C) to D) into
  13. A) seek B) seeking C) sought D) have sought
  14. A) as B) such that C) as such D) such as
  15. A) in B) on C) under D) blow
  1.A issue 在这里作动词使用时,表示“发行、颁布”的意思。withdraw 表示“取回、收回”,bring back 表示“恢复”。因此,issue 符合题意。
  2.B 四个选项填入后得出的句子在句法和语义上都成立,但最佳答案是estimate,因为对于无法准确测量的数字专家只能做出“估测”。
  3.B 根据上下文的意义,卫生部提出的应该是“最低”标准。
  4.A engage in 是一个固定词组,表示从事或者参与某项工作或者活动。
  5.C 这四个选项分别表示物理学家、化学家、心理学家和地质学家,根据上下文的意思来看,只有得到心理学家的许可是最合理的。
  6.B 法律或者法规中的条文和要求是必须遵守的,因此必须用must。
  7.D prospective 表示“未来的、将来的”,respective 表示“各自的、分别的”,prospect是动词,表示“期待”,这几个词词形相近,容易混淆。
  8.C take place 是固定的短语搭配,表示“发生、进行、举行”的意思。
  9.B be believed to 表示“确信”。
  10.A concerned about 指“忧虑、担心”,而concerned with 是指“关心、感兴趣”。
  11.D a number of 是一个固定短语,表示“若干、不少”的意思,用在可数名词前。
  12.C due to 引入原因,表示“因为、由于”。
  13. B 在本句中,用seek 的现在分词形式充当名词的定语,意为“寻求变性手术的那些人”。其他三个选项都是动词的限定形式,都是可以单独充当谓语的,因此不符合要求。
  14.D such as 用于举例说明的场合,as 表示“像……一样”,后面跟谓词短语,as such 强调某事的程度或者结果,表示“如此……以致……”。
  15.A in the long Fun 是固定搭配,表示“从长远的观点来看、最终”。


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