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  Questions 23-30

  . You will hear the conversation between a sociologist and a retailer. They talk about what is

  going to influence the life style and how the life style will affect the purchasing process.

  . You have to complete the sentences (23- 30) by choosing the correct ending.

  . Mark one letter(A ,B or C).

  23. AIO refers to

  A actions, involvement and options.

  B activities, interests and opinions.

  C advertising ,impact and opportunities.

  24. Another name for AIO measurement is

  A psychographics .

  B demographics .

  C statistics .

  25. According to the author ,the most important social factor in purchasing process is

  A reference groups.

  B social classes.

  C culture.

  26. If you are running an upper level fur store ,you'd better attract your customers by

  A lowering prices.

  B mass advertising.

  C improving the product packaging.

  27. Sometimes, the reference groups have the most impact on the purchasing process ,so a retailer must pay much attention to the reference groups composed by

  A family members.

  B suburbanites .

  C city dwellers

  28. For the customer with much self-confidence ,the purchasing process is

  A endless.

  B long.

  C short.

  29. When the consumer thinks of alternatives and makes a final decision, the most

  important individual factor will be

  A personalities.

  B motives. .

  C performance.

  30. One of the individual dimensions of lifestyle mentioned by the sociologist is

  A performance.

  B interests.

  C class consciousness.


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